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At Transignal Electrical Sales we’ve shaped our business on purpose across generations. 

Started in 1997 as a small electrical components supplier, we’ve grown to become a strategic solutions provider – delivering future-facing systems, equipment and technology that unlock the potential of your work, office space, leisure or home environments.

We source and distribute high-quality electrical and converged system components, equipment and materials – finding you exactly what you need, when you need it. 

All of our work is done with the same care, consideration and thoughtful attention to detail that has defined our unique customer experience from the very beginning. 

We understand our role in shaping the future of your space, your building, your property to be efficient, connected and intelligent. 

We’re committed to working with you today. For tomorrow.

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It’s that simple. 

In a world that complicates, Transignal lives by the values instituted by our founder, the late Mogamed Saleh Samie. He constantly reminded us to always do the right thing. His wise words lie at the very core of our family business.

This simple philosophy carries with it the promise of premium products, service excellence, competitive pricing, best environmental practice and ingrained social responsibility. 

While we’re in the business of supply and strategic solutions, people are at the centre of all we do. This means we look at all projects holistically – beyond today – to how they will impact you and others tomorrow:

    • We will always invite you to take a long-term view of whatever it is that you are creating, upgrading or replacing
    • We will always challenge you to use energy-efficient components
    • We will always encourage you to use the highest-quality local products 
    • We will always recommend responsible recycling of any waste created during your project


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We pride ourselves on what this looks like in practice…

We’re here to create an exceptional client experience for you from start to finish. This includes what and how we deliver, but goes beyond that – to adding value. We do this by sharing strategic recommendations and offering product demonstrations so that you can make the best choice for your business. 

We remain dynamic in our relentless pursuit of the highest quality, most efficient products at the most competitive prices. 

We do what we say we’re going to do. You can count on us for reliable delivery and outstanding turnaround times. 

We’re future-facing. Our industry is a dynamic evolving space. The solutions we supply you with must pave the way for a more efficient future for you and your business. They must be appropriate, relevant and responsible. They must speak to a converged, sustainable world: a world that empowers our next generations.  

We’re self-aware and reflective. We believe in the power of continuous improvement. This has shaped who we are today and who we are becoming.  

We’re more together. We believe in the power of diversity, inclusivity and real change. Our team is sourced directly from our local community and we’re proud to be a Level One B-BBEE supplier.

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We stock and supply quality electrical, lighting and converged systems and products – sourcing them from leading local and global partners. 

We specialise in electrical accessories and related components including:

– Energy-efficient, green solutions

– Light-fittings and all makes of lamps and bulbs

– Socket outlets and switches

– PVC & Metal Conduit and related accessories

– Wiring and cables, including and steel-armoured cables

– Safety and security equipment, products and solutions

– Integrated intelligent electrical building solutions

All products and solutions that we recommend and sell are extensively trialled by Transignal first.

We are valued distribution partners into the property management, hospitality, healthcare and commercial, industrial and retail spaces, among others.

We’ve built our reputation as solutions-driven: finding you what you need, when you need it – in the most cost-efficient way possible. 

Our strategic location in the centre of Cape Town also means that we’re easily accessible and ensures speed of delivery to you.



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The commitment we made when we first opened our doors in 1997 has driven our philosophy of business with conscience. As we work to become a mainstream player in our industry, we have not and will not neglect our social responsibilities as we grow.

We believe community involvement to be essential in business. Our motto serves as a constant reminder of our responsibilities to the community. As a result, we’re inspired and humbled to support a number of projects with a strong focus on children and those much less fortunate. These include orphanages and community feeding schemes.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we also understand the difference a hand-up can make when you’re first starting out. We’ve initiated a vehicle branding project to assist them. We custom-make signage for their vehicles to ensure they’re visible and marketing themselves when out on the road. 

These are just a few of the ways in which we’re working to shape tomorrow to be better than today.



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and let us take care of your energy

Transignal House, 21 Harrington Street,

Cape Town, South Africa

Telephone : 021 461 3335

Cell : 084 461 3335

Fax : 021 461 3377



Our Mission

Create an exceptional client experience – motivated by integrity, transparency and open communication.

Remain dynamic in our pursuit of the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.

Offer prompt, reliable delivery with outstanding turnaround times.

Deliver superior service through continuous improvement of our processes and always using the most innovative technology.

Our Vision

We strive to be the first choice for all our client’s electrical supply needs.

We aim to achieve this with outstanding levels of service and by always exceeding expectations, in all aspects of our business.

As a proudly South African – family run business; we believe in minimising our impact on the environment through our own behaviour and responsible business practices.

Our objective is to become a catalyst for environmental awareness and sustainable choices.

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